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From Words to Actions: Catalyzing Multi-sectoral Alliances to Co-create Indigenous-led Financing Mechanisms for Inclusive Nature-based Solutions

Indigenous leaders, donors, and NGOs discussed Indigenous-led finance models and funding initiatives at a Climate Week New York event.

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III Guna Women’s Congress

The Congress was a space for dialogue, reflection, empowerment and spirituality among Guna women.

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Indigenous Leaders from Mesoamerica, Africa and Peru Participated in a Climate Change Negotiation Workshop

A few months before COP27 and as part of its strategy to strengthen the capacities of Indigenous Organizations around the world and catalyze holistic self-development, the FSC-IF developed a training workshop on climate change negotiation.

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Indigenous-led tourism benefits communities, economies, and Mother Earth

Native American Tribes and Indigenous Peoples of Latin America discuss successful Indigenous-led tourism models

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The FSC Indigenous Foundation Launches the “Indigenous Voices” Podcast

“Indigenous Voices” is a podcast produced by the FSC Indigenous Foundation, dedicated especially to highlight the vision and perspectives of the Indigenous Peoples of the world.

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Collaboration to promote Indigenous Peoples’ rights and self-development in Africa 

A conversation with Basiru Isa of REPALEAC on the challenges of Indigenous Peoples’ recognition, rights, and natural resources.

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Introducing the Indigenous Advisory Committee of Panama

Members speak about how we can join forces to find solutions for the challenges facing Indigenous Peoples.

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The “Indigenous Innovative Solutions” Photography Contest Winners

Indigenous communicators and photographers from around the world participated in the "Indigenous Innovative Solutions" contest to raise awareness of the messages and stories from their communities.

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Indigenous Peoples have solutions to address water-related problems 

Connection and exchange between Native American Tribes and Indigenous Peoples of Latin America on challenges, lessons learned, and innovative models.

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The Rights of Nature and Indigenous Peoples: Challenges Towards Sustainable Development

The FSC Indigenous Foundation participated in the “First Regional Forestry and Sustainable Landscapes Congress” seeking to build a joint multisectoral agenda to combat the climate crises by the sustainable management of forests and biodiversity through the vision and needs of the Indigenous Peoples and local communities.

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Introducing the Judges of our Indigenous Innovative Solutions Photo Contest

Renowned photographers from around the world will select the winning photos.

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Indigenous Innovative Solutions Photography Contest

We know that the best way to defend the rights and promote the solutions created by Indigenous Peoples is for Indigenous Peoples to communicate their own visions, with their own words and images.

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Global Forest Summit 2022

Three members of the FSC-IF Council will be speaking at conference aimed to take stock of the situation of the world's forests

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Conversation with the first Indigenous woman lawyer in Panama

Sara Omi speaks about her journey and the importance of empowering Indigenous women and girls.

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Gathering global Indigenous Peoples’ perspectives to inform USAID’s draft Climate Strategy

FSC-IF and USAID co-organized two listening sessions for Indigenous leaders worldwide to share inputs on USAID’s new Climate Strategy.

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Identifying the Key Challenges of Indigenous Economies

The FSC Indigenous Foundation convened a workshop with academics and experts in the field of Indigenous economies.

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Interview with Head of FSC Indigenous Foundation

“We will support indigenous communities in providing innovative solutions to global challenges through FSC's multi-stakeholder platform”.

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FSC Indigenous Foundation Launches Global Development Alliance for Indigenous Peoples

The Indigenous Peoples Alliance for Rights and Development aims to create solutions to empower world’s Indigenous Peoples with long-term capacity to manage, develop, and govern their territories based on the principles of self-determined development, traditional practices, environmental conservation, and respect to their customary rights.

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FSC Launches Indigenous Foundation

To give a voice to Indigenous Peoples on the continued management and preservation of the world’s forests, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has established the FSC Indigenous Foundation.

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