Careers Vacancy

Indigenous Peoples Global Manager for Forestry and Certification


Organization: FSC Indigenous Foundation (FSC-IF)

Location: Remote working

Reporting to: FSC-IF Managing Director (MD)

Work Percentage: 100%

Deadline for application: November 30, 2023


In 2019, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) established the FSC Indigenous Foundation (FSC- IF) as the operational office of the Permanent Indigenous Peoples Committee (PIPC). The FSC-IF is a private interest foundation in accordance with Law No. 25 of June 12, 1995, of the Republic of Panama. The mission of FSC-IF is to enable an enabling environment to guarantee the rights of Indigenous Peoples and promote sustainable forest-based solutions within 300 million hectares of indigenous forests on the planet. The vision is that Indigenous Peoples’ global values, rights, livelihoods, ecosystem services, natural capital and communities are incorporated into forest governance, climate change governance and market systems.

The FSC-IF is an Indigenous-led global organization driven by the mission of working to elevate Indigenous Peoples in their contribution to the protection of the Mother Earth and recognize them as providers of solutions to global challenges. By recognizing the importance of forests for Indigenous cosmovision and holistic livelihood practices, FSC-IF has incorporated sustainable natural resource management into its global strategy, which is also connected to FSC global strategy and the FSC Permanent Indigenous Peoples Committee (PIPC) advisory role to FSC Board. For more information, visit and

FSC IF Mission:

We work to elevate Indigenous Peoples in their contribution to the protection of Mother Earth and recognize them as providers of solutions to global challenges.

FSC IF Vision:

We envision a future where Indigenous-based solutions and Indigenous-led actions generated within one quarter of the Planet safeguard everyone’s future and Mother Earth.

FSC IF Governing Principles:

RESPECT AND RECOGNITION: Our actions respect and recognize the cultural, spiritual, traditional, identity, and landscape diversities and customary rights for self-determined development of indigenous peoples and communities.

TRUST: We drive our actions and partnerships by commitment to trust-building and adopting long-term reciprocal, transparent, accountable, and shared values guided by our ancestors and traditions.

DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION: We promote diversity and inclusion in all interactions and across all aspects of our organization. We use our Indigenous cosmovision and practices to prevent any type of racism, discrimination, violence or oppression.

EQUITY: We promote and value actions and efforts to produce more equitable, diverse, and inclusive results and collective benefit-sharing with equal balance and respect to cultural, gender, ecological, and traditional diversities.

We are committed to work driven by our mission of being guided by and supporting Indigenous Peoples’ values of:

Respect for Mother Earth – Managing our lands, waters, and ecosystems with great respect to nature and care by recognizing that we only borrow them from future generations.

Respect for ancestral knowledge – Keeping our promises to our ancestors to manage nature and the resources provided by Mother Earth in a sustainable and respectful way.


Under the supervision of the FSC-IF Managing Director (MD) and direct coordination with the FSC-IF Executive Coordinator for Indigenous Affairs and Program Management (EC-IAPM), the Indigenous Peoples Global Manager (IP-GM) will work collaboratively with FSC-IF and FSC teams as well as PIPC members and FSC-IF partners, to provide support in two areas:

  • Area 1: Serve as technical and programmatic on areas related to sustainable forest management, FSC policy & standards, FPIC (Free Prior Informed Consent), ecosystem service, Indigenous Cultural Landscapes, and other topics of interests of Indigenous Peoples within FSC system, frameworks, approaches, tools, and programs including assistance to development, implementation, monitoring, and reporting on activities linked to FSC-IF, FSC, and PIPC strategies, annual work plans, and strategic planning.
  • Area 2: Assist the MD with strategic, operational, and management areas of the FSC IF and PIPC including support with governing and administration actions related to PIPC and FSC. She/he acts as the contact person and manager at FSC IF to identify problems, priorities and bring effective and timely responses and solutions in areas involving PIPC governance, Indigenous Peoples, FSC system, policies & standards, sustainable forest management. She/he shall interact and work collaboratively with FSC IF Council members, PIPC members, Indigenous Peoples’ organizations, FSC (BoD, membership, International office, Regional Offices, Network Partners, A.C. Office in Mexico) as well as FSC IF’s service providers, contractors, donors, and others. She/he shall assist in the FSC IF’s program & project development and partnership.


  • Manage, monitor, adapt and report on the development and implementation of  annual work plans, project actions as well as prospect and support new opportunities in areas related to PIPC, FSC IF’s projects & programs, and tools as well as FPIC implementation, Indigenous rights, and Indigenous landscape planning.
  • Be well versed in FSC’s regulations, standards, policies and criteria in order to proactively assist PIPC in their role as advisor to the FSC BoD. This also includes having a good understanding of the work within control bodies and the complaint mechanisms that exist within the FSC system.
  • Ensure effective coordination, communication, and collaboration between FSC, PIPC and FSC IF ensuring effective technical integration between annual work plans and FSC and FSC IF Global Strategies.
  • Act as technical leader to assist PIPC to achieve its mission, objectives and accountability to FSC based on PIPC ToR including development and coordination of training and assisting PIPC governing and regional meetings, quarterly, semiannual, and annual reports, and preparations for FSC BoD meetings as required and requested by the MD and EC-IAPM.
  • Assist the MD in program and project management (design, develop, negotiate, proposal submission, implementation, monitoring & evaluation, and reporting).
  • Support FSC IF and FSC to expand, manage and maintain collaboration and effective engagement with Indigenous Peoples and their national, regional and global networks and organizations in areas related to FSC IF and FSC.
  • Work with FSC IF team to ensure timely responses, coordination, and execution of administrative, financial, and technical actions and plans.
  • Serve as the first point of contact for internal and external parties in areas related to Indigenous Peoples, sustainable forest management including coordination between PIPC, FSC IF Council, FSC (BoD, members, International office, Regional Offices, Network Partners, A.C. Office in Mexico).
  • Work closely with FSC IF team on communication, visibility, and governing and management priorities, workflow management in an efficient and organized manner, preparation and distribution of reports/updates; monitors follow-­‐up actions as required; preparation of meetings and calls.
  • Be a resource person for Indigenous forest owners in connection with new FSC certification and in connection with follow-up of existing certificates.
  • Conduct research and analyses, summarize information, compile data and prepare reports and presentation to PIPC chair and MD as required.
  • Other duties may be required.


Working Experience

  • Experience with Indigenous Peoples, preferably field experience working or living with an Indigenous community. Being an Indigenous person would be a plus.
  • At least 5 years of experience in forest management, FSC’s system, tools, frameworks,  with deep knowledge of Indigenous landscape management and possibly FPIC, ecosystem service, with experience working with key organizations in areas related to FSC IF and FSC.
  • Existing networks and collaboration with Indigenous Peoples and key stakeholders working in similar areas focused by FSC IF and FSC would be a plus.
  • Ability to prepare annual work plans, annual reports, budgets, and reporting to donors/clients on results.

Values and Commitment

  • Excellent capacity of task management: Able to organize, coordinate, monitor and implement multiple tasks and assignments under limited supervision and maintaining a high level of quality.
  • Excellent capacity for time management: Able to meet deadlines and deliver products with high quality and in response to agreed demands and FSC IF and FSC standards.
  • Strong commitment to FSC IF and FSC’s mission and values – Demonstrate strong knowledge of the IF’s mission, value, and strategies with deep commitment to Indigenous Peoples around the world and the Organizations efforts.
  • Adaptability to follow Indigenous leadership and governance: Able to follow and respect Indigenous vision, values, and management principles.

Education and training

  • At least a bachelor’s level degree in environmental science, international development, forestry, human rights, community development, or related areas.
  • Training in areas related to Indigenous Peoples and forests is of advantage.

Language and Communication skills:

  • Fluency in English
  • Other languages, especially those spoken by PIPC members, are a plus.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in all languages.

How to apply

  • Please apply by submitting your CV and cover letter in English to:
  • Please, do not send any photos of yourself.
  • Deadline for application is November 30, 2023

Inclusiveness, diversity, and respect for Indigenous values and principles are important for FSC IF. We are committed to fostering diversity and inclusion within our applicant pool and believe that the perspectives and experiences of Indigenous Peoples are valuable contributions to our program. We strongly encourage applications from individuals who identify as Indigenous Peoples.